BCS Information Security Specialist Group

The BCS Information Security Specialist Group (BCS-ISSG) was formed in 1984 as a specialist sub-group of the British Computer Society.  It is now one of over 50 such groups.  It deals in all aspects of information security, and currently has over 4000 members, representing a wide range of commercial, government and academic organisations.

The basic objectives of the BCS-ISSG are to involve our membership and the public by raising awareness of the risks to information systems and by identifying technical and non-technical methods for attaining acceptable levels of security.  These objectives are achieved by means of seminars, conferences, our website and other meetings, and through our parent organisation, BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.  The BCS-ISSG also seeks to influence the development of commercially available IT security products and services, and the development of the legislation and standards required to achieve and sustain acceptable levels of security.  We work to improve awareness of ethical issues arising from computer misuse and support research into the management of computer risk.

The BCS-ISSG holds regular meetings around the UK.

The BCS-ISSG holds a highly successful annual computer security conference with leading industry figures as speakers.

We have a very active LinkedIn Group with over 1500 members.

Do you have an interest in Information Security?

If so, you may benefit from joining us.  Please look around the web site for more information.  If you are already a member of the BCS, why not select us as one of your subscribed groups?

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