About the ISSG

The BCS Information Security Specialist Group (BCS ISSG) was formed in 1984 as a specialist sub-group of the British Computer Society.  We currently have over 4000 members, representing a wide range of commercial, government and academic organisations.

The aims of the BCS-ISSG are:

To provide a forum where persons with a common interest in Information Security can meet to improve their knowledge, both through a planned programme of activities and by the informal exchange of experiences between members.
To hold a regular series of meetings and seminars together with an annual conference, to publish a magazine and to run a website for its members.
To raise awareness of the prevalent threats to information and to provide practical advice on methods and techniques for countering such threats.
To support initiatives designed to influence the development of commercially available, and affordable, Information Security products and services.
To assist in developing the policy, and drafting the legislation, standards and guidelines necessary to achieve and sustain a minimum acceptable level of Information Security throughout the UK.
To monitor (and publicise to members) trends in computer misuse, as well as the ethical issues arising from such misuse.
To encourage and support research and study in all areas of Information Security.